Our Story

How It All Started

On January 16th, 2022, the congregation of New Hope Baptist Church invited The Port Church to merge together. On the same afternoon, the congregation of The Port Church, a new church plant, voted to accept that invitation. In a day and age where it is more likely to see one church split into two, on this day the community saw two churches become one. New Hope Baptist Church had a rich history in the area of Mobile. It's roots going all the way back to the 1820's, the church and it's property had witnessed a lot over its history. Countless people have been baptized, gotten married, and shared other memories on this church property, but recent history had not been quite as kind. Like so many other churches, the congregation at New Hope had began to get smaller and smaller due to a number of reasons.

The Port Church was a church plant that launched on January 24th, 2021. The church began in Dr. Reid Guy, and his wife, Dr. Lori Guy's backyard. The church spent 2 months in the backyard before moving to the community center located at the Chickasaw Housing Authority. After outgrowing that space, the Baptist church was then invited to share space at St. Thomas Catholic Church, which they did for 7 months.


Seeing the need to make a change, the congregation at New Hope Baptist Church began praying for wisdom and guidance on how to move forward in the future. The facilities and administrative responsibilities were becoming too much for those left at the church. Due to natural challenges that come with having an older church, New Hope began to see some struggles which ultimately caused some challenges for those left behind. There was no ill will that existed in the church and no one was at fault, what was happening at New Hope happens to churches every single day. As for The Port Church, they became handcuffed because of the lack of their own space. Renting space that was not theirs prevented them from being able to do some ministries that was available to them, such has expanding the children's ministry or having an effective Celebrate Recovery. The challenges really prevented The Port from growing. Pastor Reid described it as "living in someone else's house."

 Both churches were dealing with some pretty significant challenges that could have ended up with both closing their doors if a solution wasn't found.

Better Together

This brings us to present time, on February 13th, 2022, the two congregation came together to have our very first service as one church. God brought both churches together and at the same time met each churches challenges. He brought The Port Church and its growing, energized, passionate congregation to New Hope that desperately needed people to come in and help maintain its facilities and reach the area for Jesus. In return, New Hope Baptist Church gave The Port exactly what it needed, a home. Today, both churches operate as one. We have a great vision for the future as we look make Jesus known again in and through this church. Being located next to the University of South Alabama and the surrounding area, we know God has given us a purpose and a plan. On our first Sunday together, we had 55 people sitting in a sanctuary that sits 240. That means we have job to in reaching new people for Jesus.