Sunday Bible Study at 3:00 pm.

"If our relationship with Jesus isn’t deep, then neither is the pastor’s sermon. If our relationship with Jesus isn’t deep, that church’s worship just isn’t what we “prefer.” If our relationship with Jesus isn’t deep, then “the audacity of someone to ask us to serve is ridiculous.” If our relationship with Jesus isn’t deep, then we have one place to look; the mirror."

- Pastor Reid

"Real people make real church. When we live a life of where we just check the boxes, that's when we become the people Jesus warned us about."

- Pastor Reid

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Our Sunday Gatherings are key to what we do at The Port. These Gatherings offer opportunities for discipleship, fellowship, and worship. However, we know that it is impossible to attend every week, so we want to provide our sermons online. This gives you the chance to stay connected on those weeks you need to be out. 

Next Steps

At The Port, we have a desire to help you take the next step in whatever your faith journey might be. For some of us, it is trying to figure out who Jesus is and what he means in our life. For others, we have that figured out, but we never got baptized like we wanted and we feel like now is that time. It is possible that some of us want to connect to a community of other believers of Jesus through church membership. Whatever your stage, we want to help guide you in taking that next step.